Our Development Tiers were created to support those junior golfers who have shown skill and a passion for the game, to improve in all aspects, in order to compete at a higher level.

Impact work together with Industry Professionals to deliver our Development Tier Programs so our athletes are exposed to best practice.
Our Development Tier's are supported by funding from GolfWA. 

In 2019 we run a Tier 1 program for the Top 8 Athlete's based on handicap level within the South West. In 2020 we have included a Tier 2 program for the next 6 Athlete's based on handicap level after. 

2020 Tier 1 Athletes

Brian Hughes - Capel GC

Bailey Hampson - Bunbury GC

Chloe Veeran - Busselton GC

Sam Roberts - Bunbury GC

Mark Holland - Capel GC

Krishan Burgemeister - Bunbury GC

Taylah Hall - Bunbury GC

Kai Davey - Busselton GC

2020 Tier 2 Athletes

Noah Horrobin - Bunbury GC

Charlotte Brasher - Bunbury GC

Leonie McAdam - Bunbury GC

Jedd Host - Bunbury GC

Ava O'Brien - Bunbury GC

Jasper Edwards - Dunsborough Lakes GC

In 2020, we also had three of our South West Junior's become part of the

South West Academy of Sport's Individual Athlete Support Program.

Congratulations to; Mark Holland, Bailey Hampson & Aiyana Morris



Impact enlisted the help of Greg Hearn from Life Ready Physio Busselton to run our athlete's through a TPI Certified Physical Screening at the beginning of their program to obtain vital information regarding their physical strengths and weaknesses. Athlete's are given a take home program to work on for six weeks before a follow up screening to see their improvements.

Greg graduated from Curtin University with a Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy) and has since worked exclusively in the physiotherapy private practice setting. Prior to this he completed a Bachelor in Exercise and Sports Science whilst also attaining extensive work experience in the health and fitness industry.

Greg is currently a Titleist Performance Institute Certified Golf Physiotherapist (Medical & Fitness Level 2) and has a passion for assisting golfers of all ages and abilities play pain free, and to the highest level possible.



Once our athlete's have gone through a full Physical Screening, Greg will then take the kids through a Fitness Test. From those test results, Greg then create's an individualised S&C program for each athlete to then develop their Fitness either at home or in a gym over a 6 week period. After that time, they will undergo a second test to see how much they have improved.



As our athlete's improve their golf game and fitness and become older, the majority of them will outgrow their current equipment.

Impact have enlisted the help of Club Fitting Expert and Cobra/Puma Australia representative Ryan Chamberlain to run our athlete's through a full Club Fitting experience including the use of TrackMan. This helps indicate to the athlete and home coach what their 'ideal' specifications should be



All of our Tier 1 Athlete's have a 'Home Coach' who they work closely with to improve their golf game. As part of the Tier 1 Program we enlist their help to give the athlete 2 hours worth of coaching which they are don't normally get a chance to expose their athlete to, such as Course Strategy Session, Creating Effective Practice Habits and more.

We also enlist the help of our South West Coaching Professionals to run 2 group sessions with both our Tier 1 and 2 athletes where they get 4 hours of coaching, planning and games. 


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